Aug 14, 2015
Hi Guys,

So, bit of back story. Sometime around 6 months ago my GPU decided to Artifact and was no longer usable. Fairly straight forward.

Then i borrowed a friends 6600XT. All is well again. However, randomly 6 months on, when playing any game more demanding than say, rocket league and league of legends the PC will do one of the following:
Freeze completely until i hard power off my pc and back on
Freeze and then reboot itself
Freeze and then displays bluescreen
Freeze and computer remains on but screens go black with "No Signal"

The game i play when it freezes is spyro reignited.

In the Event Viewer, it simply displays the critical error of PC rebooted unexpectedly and shows ALL other services were unresponsive.

I have a hunch its something to do with the PSU so i have ordered another, once replaced i shall test and if this does not resolve the issue then i am really unsure. It could be the moterboard? I just want a way to find out what is wrong. I have recently purchased a 3080 and i am reluctant to put it in my PC without swapping to a new PSU to mitigate damage.

I dont believe the issue is the GPU because my friends was working fine in my rig and his before that, seems too much of a coincidence. Although my old GPU did break...

i7 8700
GPU: 6600XT currently
Mobo: Asus Z370 Pro

Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.