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Question PC reboots when playing games with new mobo (Not overheating issue)


Feb 19, 2019
Ryzen 5 5600x
Gtx 1060 6gb
16gb 3000mhz ddr4
750w gold nzxt psu
ROG strix b550 f wifi

So I've recently upgraded my CPU and mobo and as the title says the pc will just reboot after about 35 mins of game time for no obvious reason. This didn't happen with my previous b450 and R5 2600 combo. I've checked the temps of the GPU and CPU and they are always at reasonable levels (CPU wont go over 80c) when gaming. Originally i thought it might be my PSU so i plugged in my old 500w and got the same results, 35/40 mins of play time then the PC reboots, all the lights on the PC are still on so it doesn't turn off due to overheating or anything, the screen just goes black and then reboots. I'm currently on my last option which is to send the mobo back, but before I do that I wanted to post here to see if anyone has any possible solution to this.
reboots without BSOD is hardware issue, it could be loose cable on mainboard
CPU u could probably exclude, that would produce freezes or BSODs
u can check mainboard if there arent any visible bulged caps
and dont forget to stress test your ram, swapping ram and mobo can result in compatibility issues there aswell (aida64 or prime95 or similar stress testing tool)