Question PC rebuilt... Fresh OS but freezes after internet connection

Mar 22, 2019
Hey Folks,

I just rebuilt my pc by upgrading the motherboard, cpu, GPU, and RAM. I use to have a Athlon II 640 x4 with 8GB ram, AMD 7850 GPU, Samsung EVO 256 gb, generic SSD 480 gb, MSI AMD 880 board and 750 watt powerspec psu (only few months old, replaced a 650 watt antec earthwatt after it died). Old system ran without a hiccup for several years. The new components are a Ryzen 5 1600, 16 gb gskill aegis 2 x 8GB DDR4-3000 set at 2100mhz I think, AMD rx580 8 gb powercolor gpu and Asrock AMD B450 fatality1 K4 gaming motherboard. I formatted my drives and reinstalled windows 10. I bought everything at micro center.

So the system would start freezing whenever I got on the internet. It varies but by average after 7- 10 mins on the internet the pc would freeze. If I keep the pc offline then it will stay on without a problem. I initially though it was some of the components so I disconnected the 10-1 multi media/usb/sata card reader. I disconnected the 2nd generic ssd drive. I then thought its maybe the usb wireless card. So I plugged in wired and the pc did the same.

So my next logically step was to update all the drivers and bios. ( I don't think all the windows updates have been updated and that's because I can't get the pc to be on long enough to download all the updates) I was able to get all that done by downloading the drivers before the pc would freeze. I got everything updated and I set the bios everything as default. System would still freeze and sometimes restart on its own. I saw after a restart the pc would quickly say that the Radeon software had a error and the drivers were restored to previous drivers or settings.

Now to check the components out I also formatted and installed windows 8.1 . Windows 8 ran fine while browsing the internet. No hiccups. I didn't install all the drivers for windows 8 as I just was testing to see if it would freeze again. So I went back and reinstalled windows 10 and nothing the pc would do the same . I checked the event viewer log and found some Radeon software errors. I also found some errors dealing with activating windows (security-spp). I just haven't put a legit cd key but I am in the process of that.

Any ideas? I think its something with the GPU. I plan to try out my old GPU and see if it stops the freezing issue. Isn't weird after getting online for a few minutes the pc would freeze? And would stay ON as long as I did not connect the internet. Very odd. I also thought maybe its the copy of windows 10 I have but I used the same cd to install on a laptop and I am using that laptop right now to type up this thread. So odd.


First and foremost always list your specs like so:

Given how you did a system upgrade, you should post two sets of specs, before and after. This'll help with thread comprehension.

Did you create your bootable installer for Windows 10 using Windows Media Creation Tools? That PowerSpec PSU looks like an expensive paperweight.
Mar 22, 2019
Before upgrade:

Athlon II 640 x4
MSI 880GM-41
Gskill Ripjaw dual channel 2x4 gb for 8gbs
Samsung EVO 256GB and a 480 GB Inland Professional ssd (micro center brand)
Powercolor AMD 7850 2 gb ddr5
Ultra ATX case with 2 120mm fans
650 watt Enermax Triathlon Eco PSU , sorry its not a powerspec (they looked alike , lol)

After upgrade:

Ryzen 5 1600
Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4
16 gb gskill aegis 2 x 8GB DDR4-3000 set at 2100mhz
Same SSD as above
Powercolor Red Dragon Radeon RX580 8GB DDR5
Same case
Same PSU

SSD after being backed up I then wiped them clean and reinstalled windows 10. As for the windows media creation tool. No I did not use that. I just downloaded a iso copy of windows 10 and burned it using PowerISO.

I tried getting into safe mode but the pc boots up so fast I can't get into safe mode with F8. Unless windows 10 has changed the way to get into safe mode. Sorry guys i'm a bit of old head with pc stuff now. I use to be a pc tech and I would always build systems and do a lot of pc repairs. But in recent years I slowed down. This upgrade I made was so I could play battlefield 5 with better fps. Last system was getting only 30-45 fps. LOLL, anyways I wasn't expecting these issues. Its so weird for this to happen.

On a side note I did notice if I opened task manager and I went to details and checked everything out under performance I saw the disk graphics chart being heavily being taxed at 90-94% without any real load. I mean I was just sitting in the desktop. So I found that odd. I do have a memory dump file I will explore into today. I will see if I can post the event log info today also.
Mar 22, 2019
Some update. So I swapped to my other SSD drive and reinstalled windows on there. I removed my Samsung Evo SSD. The active disk graphic under task manager became normal. I started then getting a CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error after I plugged back in the internet via Ethernet. I then did a memtest86 test on the system to make sure the ram is good. No errors detected after running overnight. The next thing I tried was swapping the rx580 out with my old Radeon HD 7850. Same CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT errors. The freezing continues to happen few mins after getting the internet back on.

Only thing I can think of is maybe my copy of windows 10 is a old version and maybe there is some newer windows 10 that helps deal with this issue. Not sure. Also I wonder if there is any issue with the virtual memory causing issues? I read on some forums the CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error sometimes has something to do when you have more then 8 gbs of ram. I am still in bit of shock this is happening. Hardware is new and this shouldn't be happening. I plan on getting a retail copy of windows 10 soon and try that . But then again like I said the windows copy I used is a good legit copy. I just haven't activated yet. I installed the same windows 10 copy on the laptop I am using right now to type this post.
Mar 22, 2019
Ok I think I found the problem. It had something to do with the windows virtual memory. I adjusted the setting and I had the pc run a full 20 mins and no crashes. That is the longest it has worked without crashing. I am going to put back the rx580 and see what happens. I will also do a longer term test to tomorrow and see how that works out.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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