Sep 22, 2019
So i built a new PC this month

MSI Z490 mpg gaming plus
i7 10700k
corsair vengeance 16gb 3000mhz
EVGA gold 650w
the rest is just lots of noctua fans and noctua cpu cooler.

Everything ran smoothly for the first week and a half, everything been fine, i can run games on ultra with no issue and then all of a sudden

i installed mirror's edge catalyst and set everything on hyper and it all works fine and flawlessly, but as soon as i tabbed out to desktop and used the browser for 5-10 mins, it suddenly turned off and restarted.
I can play the game just fine, for however long i want, so far it never happend during the game and so far only twice, but as soon as i am tabbed out back to browser for 10 mins or so it turns off.
The case is not even getting super hot or anything, i don't have it overclocked, i only gave the ram a boost, however i did use the option in game that they will utilize more power from the gpu in sacrifice of performance,
which isn't a big deal for me cause the fps is still fine.

So one thing i'm thinking it could be is the PSU obviously, they say 650w should be enough for a 3070, but i'm guessing the i7 10700k is requiring extra usage of the w.
One thing i noticed since i installed the 3070 before in my old build and still existing in the new build is whenever i turn on the computer the card has a red light at the entrace where the two vga cables go in
and i'm not sure if that's suppose to be a sign, it's only for a split second when booting up.

The second theory i have is the motherboard, i watched a video about the i7 10700k cpus and the z490 mobo's having automatically set everything, so it kind of overvolts the components.
And i'm not sure if the issue stems from the motherboard constantly making it so the components are using up too much power and then the psu can't handle it anymore at one point?

But strangely it only happened ever since i started playing mirror's edge catalyst, i played apex on ultra just fine, i played red dead redemption 2 on ultra just fine, assassins creed origins.. it's only happened now.

I'd really appreciate any help, i'm also not so good with bios, so i don't know how to set everything up properly, i don't wanna overlcock anything or have any auto settings that can cause these problems perhaps.