Question PC refused to turn on after being unplugged

Apr 21, 2019
On April 10th I removed a single ram module and then re-seated it, after that my PC refused to turn on, power button did absolutely nothing. I had someone look at it and he made sure the PSU was working and re-seated both ram sticks. It powered up after that and worked fine. I shut down my PC at night and in the morning it turns on fine like nothing happened.

So my problem was fixed right? Well a few days after that we had some bad thunderstorms in my area. Just to be safe I decided to unplug my PC. After the storm passed I plugged my system back up, and pressed the power button...nothing. The MB had a green light when plugged in so it was getting power at least (both incidents). This time I unplugged the 24-pin MB PSU cable then re-plugged it, then after messing around with the main power cord (not sure what I did, I turned the PSU switch OFF, unplugged the cable from both the PSU and extension strip, re-plugged it, then turned the PSU back ON) it turned on. Don't know exactly which one fixed it.

That was over a week ago and my PC powers up every morning just fine. And it works perfectly, no error messages, no random events. But I'm afraid if I ever need to unplug it again I may not be so lucky. I assume this has to do with removing the source of power to the PC completely, any ideas what might cause this?

My Motherboard is a ASUS H81M-A

I did a little research and found this thread
If you scroll down one user says this is a issue with ASUS motherboards, and to fix it you need to discharge the MB by holding down the powerbutton and it seems that worked for many people. Maybe that's what I did?
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It's possible you've experienced a grounding issue if you're having to discharge the system. You might want to double check and see that you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard+you forgot to mention your full system's specs. List them like so:

Also, I hope you've populated the rams in the slots mentioned in your motherboard manual.
Apr 21, 2019
Sorry I should've known better to list everything. How do I check if there's a update for the BIOS? Never really messed with it before, I assume go into the BIOS itself and check?

CPU: Intel i5-4690
Ram: 8GB (2x4)
SSD/HDD: 1TB Hard drive(not sure of exact model but its a Toshiba) and a 120GB Samsung SSD 750 evo
PSU: Cougar SL400 (400W)
Chassis: DIYPC Solo-T1-BK
OS: Windows 10 Home (its installed on the Hard drive if that helps)

My MB only has 2 slots for RAM.
Apr 21, 2019
I didn't mention something, when I originally took the ram module out, I reconnected power but then had to leave the house for a bit. When I came back, I have forgotten about the power being connected. So I touched the ram module on the top and there was a small shock, or maybe it was more of a pop, it was definitely noticeable though. So when the power button did nothing I thought I destroyed my computer.

But as I said the next day someone did the paperclip trick on the PSU and re-seated both ram sticks, and my PC started up as normal. And even after turning the system off it still starts up every day. So I ruled out that static shock caused any damaged to my PC. But after unplugging it (and cutting off the stand-by power supply) that one day I realize something may be damaged (that was over 10 days ago, and PC still works).

Super embarrassed that I did that, and why I didn't mention it originally.