Question PC Registering CTRL Held Down, Even After Unplugging KB


Sep 12, 2014
Hi All,

I've occasionally gotten this issue in the past, but VERY rarely, however after I started playing Diablo 4 its happening constantly and making my PC completely unusable. Before I even get started, I do not even use the CTRL key while playing this game.
  • I wanted to clarify also, it will keep doing it if I can somehow get the game closed, it continues on outside the game indefinitely.

It will register that I'm holding the CTRL key down, I brought up the virtual KB to figure this out, the problem is once it starts, absolutely nothing will stop it except a forced restart via button. Even after unplugging the keyboard the virtual kb still shows its being held down.
  1. I have tried different keyboards, different brands
  2. CTRL is not mapped to any mouse buttons in the Razer software

I'm really at my wit's end here, this is so miserable.
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