PC Rendering help


May 6, 2012
Hi, i recently tried everything that i could to make my videos record in HD.

my in game settings are
1440x900 resolution
16:9 aspect ratio
anti aliasing off
60hz screen refresh rate

my fraps settings are
60 fps
full size

my sony vegas project properties are
HD 720-60p (1280x720, 59.940 fps)
full resolution rendering quality to BEST

my video properties are
disable resample
UNCHECK maintain aspect ratio

and finally my render settings are
AVCHD 1920x 1080-60i
profile on HIGH
frame rate (59.940) DOUBLE NTSC
bit rate at 16,000,000
format is at MPEG-2 transport stream (.m2ts)
video rendering quality at BEST

my video turns out to be this

what am i possibly doing wrong?


Oct 29, 2012
The video you linked is in 720p. I'm not sure what I am missing. Two things to check are to make sure that you are using a LEGAL full version of FRAPS (the free version is limited and stealing is wrong) and to make sure that your system can actually handle recording AND playing at the same time. From the 10 second clip, it seems to be working fine.

You would be wise to also note that YouTube does not default to 720/1080. You must go to the tiny cog at the bottom right of the video and MANUALLY set it to 720p.