Question PC restarting issue

Oct 9, 2019
Randomly a few days ago my PC restarted in the middle of a game of Rainbow Six Siege and then whenever I tried opening the game afterwards it would restart at around the same time in the lobby, but the same thing happened for every other game. Although less demanding one restarted later and more demanding earlier like in the lobby, After I shut it down for a few days it worked again, but then did the same thing restarting in the middle of a match and then kept restarting. I know its not my temps they're always below 70. I already reinstalled new later drivers. Its so weird because whenever I shut it down for a while it works again for a few hours. And it only has ever restarted when I was loading into a game or in one. My PC is and old Dell that I just put ram, an SSD, and a GPU. The only thing that seems like it could be bad is the PSU because its a 400w Diablotek.

Here are my specs
Core i7 920
GTX 1050
2 x 4GB DDR3 memory
400w Diablotek
The motherboard is also old but reliable its from the dell prebuilt and its a dell studio XPS 435mt

I don't know what would cause my PC to restart randomly when I'm in a game and then keep restarting consistently at the same times only in games though and my GPU is only 2 months old and I've never had this problem before. Please help.

Phillip Corcoran

Well that Diablotek PSU needs to go for starters, especially if your gaming. It's a rubbish brand.
Get something reliable and well-known brand, then see if system still keeps restarting.
I can't recommend which PSU you should get, I only know the best brands which are regularly recommended on Tom's Forums are:

  • EVGA.
  • Corsair.
  • SeaSonic.
  • Cooler Master.
  • Antec.
  • NZXT.
  • XFX.
  • Thermaltake.