Question Pc restarts after launching apex legends

May 8, 2022
Hey guys,

I recently build myself a gaming pc for the first time. Below are my specs.

CPU - ryzen 5 5600x
GPU - colorful GeForce rtx 3080
PSU - deepcool PM750D 750W
Mobo - asrock b550m steel legend
Ram - xpg spectrix d60g 3600mhz 2x8gb
Cpu cooler - deepcool castle 240ex liquid cooler
Storage - 2tb hdd, 256gb ssd, 1tb m.2nvme

Everything is fine with my pc, i can play almost any game at High or ultra settings with 100+ fps.
The problem only comes with Apex legends and Fortnite. Happened once with Forza horizon 5 mid game as well.
Apex and Fortnite make my pc restart as soon the the launching logo loading screen completes. I was able to get into the game only may be once or twice in 20+ attempts. It's soo frustrating. I looked up all the forums and videos to fix the issue, tried everything possible but it just won't launch.
I have the latest nvidia game ready drivers(512.59),
i have the latest bios that supports my cpu ( bios - P1.20 for ryzen 5600x),
PSU is more than enough for the setup
Haven't overclocked any thing except the RAM
I made my game settings to performance in nvidia experience app,
Made the launcher exe file run as admin
Verified the steam and origin files(tried in both)
Have the most resent windows with no updates
Disabled settings in windows network and security
Changes the windows power management settings to performance
All benchmark tests run fine without any issues (timespy, cinebench and heaven benchmark)
Removed the ARGB software as well,
Even reinstalled windows with just nvidia GeForce experience, steam and apex legends on it,
And so many more things i don't even remember that I've seen on YouTube and EA/Microsoft forums.
Nothing works, the pc crashes and restarts right after the loading screen finishes loading. it's very frustrating coz i love playing Apex and Fortnite.
If anyone can advice anything or can help me fix the issue i will be eternally grateful. 🙏🙏🙏


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

i have the latest bios that supports my cpu ( bios - P1.20 for ryzen 5600x), Steel Legend/index.asp#BIOS
says you have BIOS updates pending, gradually work your way to version P2.30.

PSU is more than enough for the setup
I'd have asked you to look into an 850W unit so you had headroom in your build.

Even reinstalled windows
Where did you source the installer for your OS? Speaking of OS, which Windows are you working with?
May 8, 2022
Thank you for the reply. Can I install P2.30 directly or do i have to install each bios versions before?

Oh, the recommended PSU was 750w so I went with that.

I reinstalled it with a bootable media pendrive. I have a windows 10.

Again thank you for the reply. I wasn't getting help anywhere, really appreciate it 🙏