Question PC restarts immediately when waking from sleep?


Jul 24, 2015
PC Specs
Windows 10 Pro
GTX 970
16gb RAM
600 watt EVGA PSU
Gigabyte G1 Sniper B6 MOBO

Hey guys, I’ve been chasing my tail on this one for about a week, hopefully I can get some input! Essentially, whenever I go to wake my computer from sleep, it’ll power on things such as fans and leds, except almost immediately afterwards, it’ll shut down and try to restart on its own. I say try because after booting up a second time, no display is shown and no beep is heard from the MOBO and the only way for me to get everything working again is to hold down the power button force restarting it.

As you can tell by the specs, this machine is over 5 years old, but it’s treated me well and is still a powerhouse up until last week when I upgraded some components for the very first time since owning it. Them being, the CPU and RAM, as well as adding in an H60 Corsair AIO just for fun. These random restarts ONLY occur when waking it from sleep, I can be playing an intensive game like GTA V and it won’t crash at all or freeze up. Upon inspecting the event viewer afterwards, I’m only hit with Kernel Event ID 41; system shutdown unexpectedly.

I’ve taken it to a repair shop only to be told verbatim, “Sleep is very bad for a computer!!!” over and over again. I’d been putting said system to sleep for the past 5 years in owning it, I know this is something else. Anyways, I had them test the hardware (cpu, ram, gpu) and everything checked out. Except I’m still having this issue, even after reinstalling windows 8.1 multiple times and even upgrading to windows 10. I’ve also flashed the most up to date bios available and made sure drivers and windows updates were current.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Part of me is suspecting an underpowered PSU that can’t handle these new parts, but at the same time this issue only happens when trying to wake the system. I’m at my wits end and it’s driving me crazy, I figured I should get some opinions before buying a new PSU. Thank you!!
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Aug 10, 2020
Something is hangin ongoing to sleep. The "power button" wakes the PSU and plug'n'play BIOS which sees a pending task and completes it and restarts. Except the blank screen is when Windows exits expecting the PSU will receive shutdown request passed from Windows to your plug'n'play BIOS. You said only cpu and ram were touched, however everytime you open your case something changed.