Question PC Restarts Only When Launching Certain Games


Oct 18, 2015
Hello all,

My brother has had his PC for just about a year now (prebuilt CyberPowerPC from BestBuy) and it has worked perfectly out of the box ever since. The only thing I've changed about it is that I added a SSD the first day he had it. Regardless, all titles have worked great up until now. We've played Division 1 & 2, GTA Online, Borderlands 3, CS:GO, Gmod, etc.

Around a month ago, his PC now restarts every time when launching certain odd titles such as The Ship, Modern Warfare 2 and CS:GO, among others. Strangely, other games such as Gmod and more demanding games such as Borderlands 3 still work fine with no issues.

His Windows 10 and AMD Drivers are up to date. We cleaned away the dust from the fans (wasn't much) and both the top fan dust filter and bottom PSU dust filter (a decent amount) today, and the same issue still occurs.

Again, it restarts the computer with certain games and not even the most demanding ones, as we can't get The Ship or MW2 to launch without a system restart but we can play Gmod and Borderlands 3 just fine.

Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!