[SOLVED] PC restarts when playing games with new GPU (no BSOD) ?

Feb 6, 2021

I recently added a GPU (RX 570) to my PC, here are the specs:

Ryzen 3 2200g
ASRock B450 Pro4
T-Force DELTA DDR4 2x4GB 3000Mhz (OC 3200MHz)
PowerColor RX 570
Aerocool VX Plus PSU 550W 80+
V-Gen M.2 NVMe 240GB
WD Blue 500GB (5000 RPM)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB (5000 RPM) - i installed this harddrive around the same time as I did the GPU

When first installing the GPU, I ran a few games and it seemed to work fine, however in the next few days it started randomly restarting in games. And before using the RX 570, the PC seemed to work fine (using graphics from 2200g). I've checked windows logs when the PC crashes and it says "Kernel-Power" every time. The restarts only happen when playing games and never when I'm just browsing through the internet.

Things I have tried :

I ran the Windows Memory Test, no errors
Turning off the overclock on my RAM, didn't fix anything
Checked all my PSU cables and reconnected them all
I benchmarked my CPU with Cinebench R23 and it peaked at 85° C, didn't restart whatsoever
I tried benchmarking my GPU with Furmark for 10 minutes, and it peaked at 79° C, didn't restart/crash either.
Switched to using the graphics from my APU, games seemed to work fine and didn't crash
I've tried using older drivers and it seems to have help reduce the crashing in games like CS:GO it has reduced the crashing from 2-3 minutes in game to once every 2 hours. However the problem still persists in heavier games like Apex Legends (crashes 2-3 minutes into a match)
Disconnecting my new HDD, didn't solve anything
Undervolting / Decreasing GPU power limit, games still crash

I'm sure it's not the CPU since I tested playing games with it without a discrete GPU and it worked fine. I suspect my PSU or my GPU to be the problem, I don't have any other PSUs to test with.
Thank you in advance and any other advice would be helpful
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Feb 6, 2021
UPDATE : Turns out it was my cable extensions. They were pretty cheap, but so far it seems that the problem is solved by plugging in the Power Supply cables directly without the extensions.

Vic 40

Those can make a difference, but that psu is still lower quality maybe why they make that difference. Would still consider a better psu, but that is up to you.

Being cheap doesn't help for the extensions as well, talking about quality.