Question PC restarts when playing games

Nov 16, 2022
So I have a friend who’s pc keeps power cycling while playing the new COD and Overwatch 2. The PC is a couple years old, but the PSU and GPU are both two years old and the CPU cooler is brand new and was installed yesterday with brand new thermal paste. I thought originally it was a thermal issue but was wrong. All the drivers and system files for the games have been updated and reinstalled, but still nothing. My only other idea is that it could be a PSU issue but we ran multiple stress tests and it never restarted. He is not experienced enough to do any overclocking or do anything with the drivers or bios. Does anyone know of any issues towards these games and/or know if it could be a hardware/system problem. Any ideas are helpfully at this point thanks.


Retired Mod
FULL hardware specs including EXACT model numbers for CPU, motherboard, graphics card, power supply (Exact model very critical for PSU), memory kit or kits (IF there are multiple kits or DIMMs that did not all come in one set, we need to know this), CPU cooler, case, case fans (model, installed location and direction of airflow for each installed location if possible), Windows version and currently installed motherboard BIOS version?