Question PC running slow randomly after istalling new ram

Mar 4, 2023
I recently upgraded my PC from 16 Gb of ram to 32Gb of ram and evers since then my PC has been significantly louder than normal and while gaming i will randomly start dropping frames. I dont know if the RAM is the cause because i recently uninstalled it and yet the problem persists. My PC is a prebuilt from IBUYPOWER. Ive check and from what i can see I have all the current Nvidia drivers. When this problem started my CPU would hover around 30-40% utlization at around 38c, then i used NVidia control panel to change my PC to perfmorance mode but that hasnt stopped the frames dropping but has made the GPU temps increase to around 50c. Ive been trying to fix this my self bu i havnt found too many people who have the same problem so it has made it hard ot find a good solution.

GPU: RTX 3060
CPU: I7-12700F
RAM: 16Gb of Tforce RAM 3200MHz (32 was installed when the problem started and both ram kits are the same)
Motherboard: ASrock (idont know the specifics)
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Motherboard: ASrock (idont know the specifics)
How are we supposed to help you if you don't provide information that's additionally necessary for troubleshooting?

Please list the specs to your build like so:
include the age of the PSU apart from it's make and model if it's been in service for a while ore recycled from an older build.

Use CPU-Z to also show you what your current motherboard BIOS version is listed under Mainboard's tab.

I recently upgraded my PC from 16 Gb of ram to 32Gb of ram and evers since then my PC has been significantly louder than normal and while gaming i will randomly start dropping frames.
You should include a link to the ram kits or at the very last pass on an image of the stickered side of both kits of rams(sticks, not the box).
Mar 4, 2023
CPU: I7-12700F
Motherboard: Asrock B660M-C
RAM: 16Gb TForce Delta RGB 16GB [8GB x 2] DDR4-3200MHz Link to RAM on Amazon
SSD: Kingston 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD
GPU: Geforce RTX 3060
PSU: 600 Watt - 80 PLUS Gold Certified (This was all that was listed on the website I bought the PC from and I cant see any stickers or branding for it in my PC. It should be only a couple of months old unless it was used before i got for some reason)
Chassis: iBUYPOWER Slate MONO MR Tempered Glass ARGB
OS: Windows 11 Home
Monitor: Acer G276HL
Bios Version: American Megatrends international, LLC. 2.02 1/5/2022

link to PC:
if link dosent work this is the listing name: Gaming RDY SLMBG219
If that dosent take you to the right page you can try clicking the filter boxes for 3060, 16Gb RAM, and 1Tb SSD and it should show up.

I hope this is more what you were looking for. Im not great with computers so im not sure if some of this information necessarily what you wanted but i hope its good.

To give more deatails to the problems ive been having, I got this PC in early january and it ran perfectly fine for almost 2 months. Almost 3 weeks ago I installed another 16Gb of RAM (2x8GB 3200MHz like the original set) I then started to notice That the fans in my PC were significantly louder than usual. They went from inaudible except for when playing more rigorous games to loud even when having nothing open or doing anything, along with the loud fans i also noticed random drops in frames whihc made the game almost impoassible ot play. Sometimes they would return to being quiet for a little bit and all my frames would go back up but then would evetually go back down and the Fans would get louder again and the frames owuld drop again. A few Days ago I uninstalled the 16Gb i had installed but the issues persisted.

Temps and utilization for GPU: My Temps when this issue started stayed around 38c all the time, even when playing games and my utilization went to arounf 30-50% all the time.

Today I changed my power setting in the Nvidia control panel to Performance mode. I noticed that this issue got slightly better but not by much and now my Temps stay at 50-60c when doing nothing and during gaming and my GPU utilization fluxuates from 0-50% when playing games. Ive also noticed that my CPU utilizaiotn has increased signigicatnly after changing the performance mode setting.