Question PC running slow with CPU speed stuck at 3.70GHz

May 26, 2023
I noticed that my pc had been running slow and i noticed that my cpu cooler had died and my cpu was overheating, so i bought a new one. This didnt fix the issues and my pc is still running slow. My task manager is saying that my cpu speed is stuck at 3.70 idle. I have tried reinstalling windows and resetting bios settings and this is still happening. My pc can barely run chrome. What do i do?

System Specs:
i5 9600k
2060 super
16gb 3200mhz
z390 a pro
650w power supply
ML240L aio
3.70 GHz is the processor base frequency for a 9600K.

If your CPU never goes beyond this speed then something has disabled Intel Turbo Boost. This needs to be enabled in the BIOS and in Windows to get beyond the base frequency. The turbo power limits also need to be set appropriately.

Try running ThrottleStop to solve this problem.

Post screenshots of the main window, the FIVR, TPL and Limit Reasons window when your CPU is stuck at 3.70 GHz. There should be a clue hiding in that info that will explain why your CPU is not reaching its full turbo boost speed.