Question PC runs very slow after every other boot

Jul 2, 2021
I've been encountering a strange error for some time now on my desktop. The problem is that if I turn on my computer for the first time in a given day, it'll run very slowly. By this I mean that games will suddenly take around 5 times longer to load a map or get into multiplayer, launch them etc. However, if I restart the computer it's like there was never a problem to begin with and everything's working fine. But if I restart it again after that it's back to being extremely slow. I was even able to tell which time it'd be slow because on slow boots for some reason, my installation of Malwarebytes antimalware will not launch on startup yet on a restart where everything is fast again it'll launch like normal.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I'm not that tech-savvy when it comes to hardware but I've been thinking it's maybe motherboard or hard drive related?
Can you post a pic of your task manager start up panel? Also when it is running slowly go in to task manager and look at processes to se what is running while it is slow and so the same when the pc is running correctly. Is there a difference in programs running?