Question PC screen froze while gaming and gave audio stutters - - - had to reboot and now monitor says "No Signal" ?

May 28, 2023

I ran into some trouble with my 3 months old gaming PC and not sure what is causing this, but it is a bit frustrating.

So what happened was I was playing a video game and then the screen out of nowhere I can still see the video game and desktop on my second screen, but can not move my mouse or press anything and also since the game was playing audio my audio got into that loop where it stutters, I did not wait for long and decided to reboot the PC, the only way to do it was to hold the power button, so the PC shuts off then I turn it on it boots normally as always, I log in to Windows with my password, apps are loading, I opened an app it opened really fast as it usually does, but then I once again launched that game's launcher and the PC once again crashed can not press nothing it just crashes and freezes on that screen.

Rebooted my PC the same way by holding the power button, turn it back on, now my monitors show "no signal", rebooted it once again still get "no signal" even though the monitors are trying to reach something, because if you unplug the cable from PC then the monitor says "please check your cable", so it is the PC doing something.

I then as advised by my friend tried to reseat my GPU and also my 2x RAM sticks, launched the PC with only 1 monitor using HDMI that was originally my 2nd monitor and it actually booted to the Windows login screen, but I did a mistake and did not try to login and once again try to launch a game or something. Instead of testing the PC I decided to once again shut it off with power button, plugged out the HDMI monitor, plugged in my main monitor with the displayport cable and after booting it gave "no signal", powered the PC off, plugged out the displayport main monitor, plugged in my second monitor with HDMI and it now also gave "no display".

After that moment I was not able to load the PC to get to the Windows login page or even see my motherboard logo as it usually shows before booting Windows, tried to once again reseat GPU and RAM still no result was not able to to get any display it just shows "no display", tried to switch the main monitor instead of displayport old cable to a new HDMI as I first thought that maybe that displayport cable caused something to brick the PC so that I had to reseat GPU and RAM as it worked first time, but it did not work anymore.

After this I once again reseated the GPU, tried to take out one of the RAMs they were seated in 2nd and 4th slots, took out the 4th one, boot still no display, installed the 2nd one and took out the 4th one, still no display, also while switching the RAMs both times I used a screwdriver to reset CMOS with the 2 pins by holding a screwdriver inbetween them for 10 seconds, but that did not help.

I have had an old PC that has a GTX 550 TI GPU, turned on the old PC tested the GPU definitely works and loads Windows, it uses the same slot as my RTX 4070TI, unplugged from old PC, unplugged new PC GPU, installed the old PC GPU 550ti, booted up still same "no display" on new PC even though on the old one the GPU was giving display no problem.

Also noticed while removing the old GPU from my new PC I managed to break the plastic latch for taking out the GPU, not sure if it should be causing issues, but I am testing the PC on it's side currently the same position as when I insert the GPU, so the GPU should not be sagging and should still be in place. Also most likely after this even if the motherboard is faulty if I take it to warranty probably it will not be replaced, because of the broken off latch right, or should I still try to give it to them?

So I removed the old GPU from the PC so that I could reach the CMOS battery and manually took it out, hold it out for like 3 minutes, put it back in, put the old GPU in to the new PC, not putting the new one since it is harder to do and do not want to mess around with it until I am sure what is faulty, still "no display" on the monitor using HDMI that I used on the old PC before taking out its GPU and it worked just fine, so it is not the monitor or the cable.

So I stopped at this point as I do not have anymore resources that I could try to swap and see what is causing the issue.

I want to mention throughout the whole incident the EZ LED lights on my motherboard that are supposed to indicate issues do not indicate anything. When the PC was working one of the lights always turns on orange and then when the PC boots they just turn off, same is happening right now, you turn on the pc orange light turns on and then all of them are off, but the monitors show "no display".

So I am pretty frustrated as I can not use my new PC and wanted to ask anyone for tips as I tried to Google and saw people asking about similar things here, so I thought I might also ask.

My friend is telling me that I should try to swap the RAMs with guaranteed working ones, if that does not help try a different PSU, but not sure if it is causing the problem, all of my fans the CPU fan, GPU fans and also the company name logo works, the case fans also spin everything seems to be working.

Could it be the CPU? And probably the only way to check would be getting a motherboard that supports it right, so then at the same time I would install my GPU as well as the CPU does not have integrated GPU?

Not sure what should I do next, because I do not even know if I could find a shop that would have a motherboard that my parts require to test if everything works, what would be your insights about my next move?

PC specs:

Endorfy fortis 5 dual fan CPU cooler
PNY Geforce RTX 4070TI
MSI MAG B760 DDR4 WIFI motherboard
Kingston 2TB NV2 M.2 pcie 4 SSD
Corsair DDR4 32GB 2X16GB 3600mhz. ( Forgot to mention they have the LED lights flashing so not sure if they get electricity can they not be connected to the MOBO )
Corsair RM750x 750W

Thanks for reading hope someone might have some advices or experience with an issue like this

Best regards,