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Question pc screen goes black and restarts

Jun 25, 2020
Hey i build a new pc a few weeks ago and ive been having this problem where it will reboot randomly. when it reboots there is no BSOD or anything like that the screen just goes black and the pc restarts. i cant seem to find the problem bc the pc is passing all tests that i throw at it. it passes prime95,memtest,heavens benchmark,cinebench r20,furmark and other many many times in a row. after testing it for many hours and days i came to the conclusion that it may be a software problem but i wiped windows today and reinstalled and still had the same problem. i have no clue what this could be at this point and i have used many different power supplies and the same thing happens. also my temps are fine and never get over 77 on my cpu under stress tests and never over 65 on the gpu

GPU-Asus 2080 super OC white
CPU-Ryzen 9 3900x
RAM-64GB of g.skill tridentZ royal @3600mhz
PSU- corsair RM850X
MOBO-gigabyte x570 asorus master
STORAGE- 2 1tb 970 evos and 2 4tb hdd from seagate
CPU COOLER- corsair h100i se
i also have cable mod cables
when i check event viewer i get something that says "The previous system shutdown at 7:45:53 PM on ‎6/‎25/‎2020 was unexpected." but no error other than that any help would be awesome.