Question Pc sending no signal after an accident

Jan 14, 2019
Hello so recently my pc have stopped sending any signal to the monitor it all happend after my little sister got a hold of my headphones she always likes to play with me so she ran at me with the headphones connected to the pc and the pc has moved around a meter while she was running at me then the screen froze and i didnt heard any sound from the pc i tried restarting but i couldnt because everytime i booted it - the screen was pitch black and the monitor said something like : there is no signal coming from the pc try moving the mouse tp wake it up

Bit that didnt worked ofcourse
I called my friend and he suggested to : Reset the gpu
Reset the ram
Check all the cables inside the pc
Try a different video cable (like hdmi)
But it didnt work

1 difference that i noticed is that the rgb pn the pc keeps blinking instead of fading like always, any ideas how can i fix it? Just saying its ny first time even touching the indide of the pc so please explain how to do it if u have any ideas...