Question PC showing preparing automatic repair then stuck on black screen with white loading circle.

May 8, 2022
I had just downloaded a mod menu for GTA 5 Story mode and I shut the game but the exe for the mod menu was still running and wasn’t closing so I turned off my PC by holding the power button. When I booted it back up, it showed “preparing automatic repair” and next showed a black screen with a white loading circle and has been stuck on this for hours. I have tried restarting and the same happens. I have booted into the BIOS and I can’t get into safe mode because I have a gigabyte motherboard and they don’t have that option. It boots up and my keyboard and mouse connect but are then disconnect and it gets stuck.

Can anyone help me or does anyone know what is happening?
I think it might be my ssd, it it could be anything else.

I will appreciate anyones response👍.
Wind force gtx 970
Corsair 16gb ram
Gigabyte z170 gaming motherboard
650w power supply
250gb Samsung ssd
1000gb hdd

I downloaded the mod menu Midnight from
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