Question Pc shows no signal everytime I play certain games


Jun 18, 2017
I have a fairly new pc which I build around ,2 years ago but recently I've been getting 'no signal' or 'entering power saving mode' on my pc everytime I try to play certain games for example : Euro truck simulator 2. Whenever I play ETS 2 it just seems to go into no signal in the first few minutes, my pc seems on, my keyboard and mouse stay on too, the same happened a few days ago when I tried to play sea of thieves, strangely, it went to no signal everytime I hit 'start game' but a few restarts later it fixed itself automatically.the temps seem normal going to 78 degrees max.

I've tried running various stress tests and even one for my psu because I thought that might be the issue but nope it didn't go into no signal once during the tests
My pc is way better than the recommended specs required to run ets 2 so I don't know what the problem seems to be

Pc specs
Amd ryzen 3 2200g
Amd rx 570 4gb
Corsair vengeance 8 gb ram ddr4
Corsair vs 450 psu

Any help would be extremely appreciated
Thank you


How did you manage to stress test the PSU? Did you use the paperclip test? That PSU shouldn't be considering a PSU. In fact you're advised to have a reliably built PSU that can deliver at least 550W of power to the entire system. BIOS version for your motherboard?