Question PC shut down while using. Wont start again.

May 22, 2020
Hi all,

While using my desktop PC yesterday it shut off on me and I can't get it to start. When pressing the power button nothing happens - no sounds, no fans, nothing. It was home built about 5 years ago and has had no issues with daily use since.

I have tried plugging into a different outlet. Have tried using a different power cord. Today I put in a new PSU per advice from another board, but still nothing. Of note both the new and old PSU pass the safety pin test but their fans do not turn on when actually plugged into the motherboard.

Have tried to short the motherboard with a screwdriver but nothing happens. No fans turn on.

Have tested that the CMOS battery still works and it does, tried a new one too.

Have tried single sticks of ram in various slots and still nothing. I did however in the process of this notice occassional blinks of light from components that have lights (mainly GPU logo). It lasted maybe 5ms at best with no other observable effects on components.

Motherboard Z97 PC Mate
i5 4460
R9 390

Any ideas? I would hate to have to get a new motherboard (it isnt even that old) but struggling to see what else could be wrong.
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