Question Pc shut off randomly and wont boot anymore

Feb 18, 2020
Hi all,
I built my pc 3 months ago and all has been well with it until about a week ago. I was experiencing some random restarts but could not figure out the issue prior to this incident. Last night i was playing on my computer as usual, r6 seige and youtube open, nothing i havent done before when suddenly my pc cuts out.

I hit the reset button on my case and it restarts but this time "a fan" (which i know believe to be my power supply fan) sounded like a jet inside my case. I thought it might have overheated so i left it for an hour and attempted another boot. This time however the power supply fan started spinning and my case lights came on but no other fans including my cpu cooler started.

My peripherals light up for a second before going dark and i get no visual output. Upon closer inspection when first turning on my mobo flashes a white led on next to the word cpu for maybe a second before everything goes quiet again and it doesnt boot.

If anyone could provide some help itd be greatly appreciated, if its relevant my psu is pretty cheaply made.