Question ** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!**

Oct 17, 2021
** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!**

Hello Everyone,

I'm facing this issue in late 2021 when everyone has known the basics of PCs. At first lemme tell you all my components.

PC Specs:
  • CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g
  • Mobo: Gigabyte b450m Gaming
  • Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 4gb 2400mhz (x2)
  • GPU: Msi RX570 4gb
  • PSU: Corsair VS450
Now, the main problem I'm facing is PC shuts down automatically when I play any game or use premier pro or after effects. I try many benchmark software like furmark, AMD driver inbuilt, but in that case my PC run fine however it touch 75c temp. but when I play games like APEX, FORZA, VALORANT my pc shutdown after some minutes or so. I use HWinfo For temp check and +12 voltage check.

My Analytics:

when it Shutdown my max temp in any game is 60c-70c
without game my +12v is 12.168 & with game its droped to 11.808 (minimum)
i tried in my friends pc he has the same PSU vs450 and still its Shutdown and Restart only in games
my pc is dust free and i cleaned also

How It Start:

I was Playing Forza Horizon 4 for 2hrs+ and for the 1st time it shutdown than i turn on and not play anything and it was fine for more 4 hrs, next day it happen with APEX after 20min of play than i decided to reset my PC and i did clean windows 11 install
and updated my BIOS too. than for 2 day it never went Shutdown even i play all the games and my max temp was 80 still no Shutdown/ i thought it Fixed but Now its again Happening. in between again i changed my windows from 11 to 10. and its starts shutdown again.

Note : I remove my Gpu and run with 2200g (igpu) all games and softwer run nicely and never went to Shutdown and in HWinfo +12v is 12.093 to 12.168 never went down to 11.


Please can anyone Help me Regarding This. Watch lots of Vedios and Posts Here n There and Tried Things..

Thanks.. <3
thats hard to tell if its GPU fault or PSU fault
VS450 isnt really great unit...u will need to test it with better PSU to know if its GPU fault or not
whats happening with your system (which is normal for RX570) is that it makes power spikes (normal for gaming as every frame can draw different gpu power), and psu doesnt like those ripples, so in self protection it shuts off or resets instead of suppresing those ripples (you cant expect everthing from cheap PSU)
the reason your pc is not shuting down during stress test is because psu load is fine, and gpu doesnt make those power spikes on constant load (ie furmark)
vdroop to 11.8v is still okay

you can google RX570 VS450 to see that youre not the only one with same/similar issue
regardless i would first replace the power supply.
the VS series is not recommended for any type of resource heavy system like AAA gaming.

for some help determining your next model: