Question Pc shuts down and restarts while gaming?


Jan 1, 2020
I did see another post on here about this but im always getting different answers, at this point i just want to figure out why my pc does this, like usual i was playing black ops cold war and in mid game it shuts down and restarts itself… this doesn’t happen all the time its every once in a while, i thought i had fixed the issue because it hasn’t happened as much as it use to. I thought it was my PSU not being enough or it being faulty.
Literally everyday i check to see if windows needs updating before i even use my pc, my GPU drivers were just updated the other day. My Specs are
Msi z490 gaming plus
32gb 3200mhz g.skill ram
Lian li galahad 240 aio
Asus rog strix 3080 oc
Superflower leadex III 850w 80 plus gold PSU
I have 5 fans total throughout the case the rear being the exhaust, the top two are exhaust (they are also mounted to my Radiator for the aio cooler) then i have the front two as intakes. Don’t know if storage matters. But i will say i was using a fan control software for all my fans but I noticed it didn’t have my last saved fan curve (which it actually needed updating) so i redid all of that, i also put NZXT CAM on to watch temps, Gpu is fine it stays below 70. My CPU though is the weird one and i know they get pretty hot. When i started Black Ops Cold War the temp on the cpu spiked up to 69-70c then shot back down to 60c went into a game, the loading screen it shot up too 71c but while playing it stayed between 60-70 c so idk. But before the fan software my fans kind of do what they want and don’t have a set fan curve so they are all different Speeds so im thinking since not enough flow or rpm my cpu spiked just enough for it to overheat maybe idk?? But i also ran Furmark for the gpu and i used OCCT for CPU at the same time and i didn’t have any issue, the cpu temp max was 80c gpu was normal 66c i made sure i put full load on the cpu. I do notice with games my cpu does weird temp spikes but with OCCT stress test it didn’t spike, it just did normal temps slowly going up. Do i need to replace my PSU, AIO Cooler? Or reapply thermal paste? OH another thing to mention everything is in a lian li lancool case, i ALSO have the glass side panel off (obv not the back side) bcz I figured it could help in a way with temps. I did check EVENT VIEWER for system logs for crashes, warnings etc… & for me at the time of the crash it said “The System has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first, this error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly” the Event ID 6008 was for another warning. Pls help lol
Get a better PSU.
Get a better knowledge of power supplies, that's a good unit.