Question Pc shuts down and won’t boot up for awhile

Dec 1, 2019
Hi Guys, a few months back i suffered a failing psu. Pc would crash under high load. I then replaced it for a new psu. good as gold. At least for a few months. Recently i again encountered the same issue. This time i assumed it was the MB giving out. Perhaps the old psu damaged it. So i replaced my MB and cpu for a new one. Installed them, turned it back on and everything looked fine until the next day i encountered the same issue as before.. pc will boot up if shut off from power for at least an hour. But crashes again during high load and wont reboot again. Whenever i try to reboot i can hear a clicking noise from the PSU. I have checked for any shorting issues in the case but cant find any. Have also tested the system out of the case bare and adding components 1 by 1 but to no avail.

Im about 80% sure it must be the psu. However its only a few months old so i wouldnt know why it would fail.

System specs:
Aorus B450 Elite motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 cpu
Gigabyte gtx 960 8gb
Corsair vengeance ram 2x4 + 2x8
Cooler master 750w psu