Question Pc Shuts down as soon as i run a game


Mar 28, 2019
Hey there, just returned from my gym and thought it was time to play some games. Turned on my pc, everything went fine untill i heard a spark and my pc turned off. I checked and the voltage stabalizer(to which my pc is connected to) had unplugged because i moved my table a bit too much. Since my pc was connected to a voltage stabalizer and my motherboard has built in surge protection, i thought there was nothing to worry about. I plugged it back in and turned on the pc. Everything looked ok untill i ran a game. It instantly turned off as if there was a power outage and then restarted itself. I thoight it might be the game so i tried another one which i knew worked perfectly fine but as soon as the games menu oppened my pc turned off again, no shutdown screen nothing, it just turned off like someone unplugged it and then it turned back on. I decided to test it by not turning on any application that might put load on the pc and it didnt crash. After about an hour it crashed without me doing anything. Whats the problem here?
My specs are:
Asus Maximus viii ranger
Cooler master 700watt PSU
16 gb DDR4 ram
Gtx 1070
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Jan 21, 2021
i cannot think of anything else other than issues with a power supply... altough it could be something else. most likely power supply though. when you start a game a large surge in demand for power occurs and the power supply would normally be happy to oblige, if it isnt damaged that is. try running a redering software like blender and if it still cuts out then you know for sure it isnt buggy game files hard crashing your computer. i dont think it could be cpu or gpu as a cpu failure would just freeze the compute, full stop. youd have to force restart it in that case. if it were a problem with your Gpu it would most likely cause the screens to go funky colours or just black and your computer would still be on, just not functional. id swap out the psu and see if that fixes it. if that still doesnt work, my next best guess would be motherboard as they are a very sensitive component when it comes to power.