Pc shuts down as soon as windows is going to start.

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Oct 27, 2010
Hey, theres something wrong with my pc. At first it started to shut down from to time. I couldnt figure out a pattern or something that triggered. It started to become more and more often until each time I boot it, it shuts down as windows logo would go off and windows would start. I tried botting with all sorts of combination on my ram, drives and fans, I cant make it work. This happened to me beforem rearreging the drives & formatting would make it go away for a while.

This happened right after I finished performing a really heavy duty work. Rendering over 2tb of memory in a month.

Temps and voltages seems ok in the bios.

I can access Bios, windows Install and everything but windows itself. Its not even close, not even safe mode. I have tried to install windows in 2 different freshly formatted drives, no luck.

Help I am desesperate. :(

I have tried different drives, and ram modules, so it may be the PSU which was marking weird voltages in Everest (but perfect marks on the Bios) I have no idea how to take the voltage with a multimeter though I am trying. or the CPU/ Mobo
Intel I7 930
Corsir tx850w
PNY 560ti
12gb ram ddr3 3x2gb + 4gb (I am pretty sure the uneven number of ram modules is not the issue)
Gigabyte UDR3
Windows 7 x64
Intel ssd 40gb the oldest ones
Seagate 1500gb 5400rpm drive


1-Download "UBCD" Ultimate Boot CD is a volume of pre-boot diagnostic tools.
2-Extract "UBCD" and burn a disk image "right click ISO and select "burn disc image"
3-Leave CD in tray and re-boot into the BIOS.
4-Restore factory settings in BIOS and reboot into BIOS again
5-Set system to boot from CD drive "UBCD" is located in. Save and Reboot to UBCD
6-Select Diagnostics option and run 1 diagnostic from each component category
7-Report Specific tests ran and results to this thread.


Jan 28, 2012
There are some things which you need to consider if you are rendering a lot of project.

1.] Your HDD / SSD may become VERY stressed and cause your system to malfunction / shutdown.

2.] Your hardware may become cluttered with dust. So please check your filters and hardware if they need cleaning.

3.] Your CPU is overheating due to dust build-up, lack of ventilation, and stress due to heavy duty - work for long terms. Therefore, I would suggest you to check your heatsink - re-apply thermal or upgrade it to a better heat-sink.

4.] PSU unit may be dying. You should check and see if there is any problem...

5.] Check your Bios configuration and set everything to default if your system is unstable due to overclocking.

Assuming this happens when starting up (from cold or off for an hour or so) then there is no time for power supply to over heat

If PC can run while for some time in bios or boot from UBCD CD it is unlikely to be a problem with heatsink or fan on the CPU
(modern CPU should slow down if too hot)

As Windows starts up the graphics card starts drawing more 12V power and may fail causing shut down

You need to get a multimeter and check the 12V and 5V supply when booting from ubcd CD and Windows

The power supply usually has some spare molex connectors to connect to.
Two Black wires for ground and yellow for 12V and red for 5V

make sure you do not short the two probes on test leads.

see this for more details

Alternative if this fails to give enough diagnostic information - simplify system:

remove graphics card if there is a integrated graphics chip on motherboard or cpu
(or replace with simple graphics card which does not need its own power supply)

remove hard disk (leave SSD)
then remove SSD and use hard disk ( I think you did this)

remove all but one ram module (swap ram modules) 3 x 2GB + 4GB =10 GB not 12 GB ???)


Mike Barnes



Get a new PSU and try it out. You can always return the PSU if it is not the problem.
Its the fastest way to debug a PSU related problem.

Scale down your setup and try to boot it. Options listed by Mike Barnes would help isolate problems.

If as you stated you tried different hw combination (including scaled down or min configuration) it can potentially by a PSU problem.



Apr 16, 2013

Where's the diagnostics option? i can't find it
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