PC shuts down automatically while playing games


Jul 16, 2012
Hello to everyone. I've been having this problem that my PC shuts itself down automatically after playing at most 3 minutes of PC games. Most specifically Amnesia and Resident Evil 4.

A week ago, I was having this problem too. Most specifically with Resident Evil 4 and emulated PS2 games. I seem to have fixed the problem back then. I unmounted the iso's using Daemon Tools and that seem to have fixed the problem. I was able to play PC games for almost 5 days without any problem at all. (plus I have Chrome browser on, and not shutting down probs at all).

But now, it's happening again to Resident Evil 4 and a newly installed game: Amnesia. I noticed this started happening after installing and playing Dead Space. I'm not sure if it's an overheating problem because I turned the computer off and left it off for 3 hours. When I turned it on to play Amnesia and RE4, I was shocked that the 'shutting down automatically' problem occurred again.

Then I did some trial and error... I did not make Leon move (from RE4) at all. I just left him standing to see if it would still crash even though I'm not doing anything. And the PC did crash. When I turned it on again, I downloaded and ran Core Temp and played RE4 on window mode. Here are the temperatures I got while playing it.

Lowest temps:
Core #0: 52°C
Core #1: 57°C

Highest temps:
Core #0: 64°C
Core #1: 67°C

Playing RE4 on window mode with those temperatures seem to have worked. I was able to play for 20 minutes, until I opened Chrome browser. It rose up to:

Core #0: 72°C
Core #1: 75°C

...and the PC shuts down by itself.

I was wondering if what the proper temperature for gaming is? I have a feeling that I can only play games now as long as I don't open my browser.__. Here is my computer btw:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 5000+
2.60 GHz, 1.75 GB of RAM

Thank you and have a good day.


May 11, 2012
am afraid that is your mobo controlling the shutdowns, there's an option in bios to shutdown computer if the temps goes over xxCelsius, you can disable that but keep on watching the temps cause your cpu cant handle the high temps.


Get a can of air (canister of pressurised gas) available from hardware stores, camera shops etc. Unplug the PC from all external devices and take it outside (avoiding any rain ;-) ). Then use the can of air to blow out all the dust from the heatsink + fan. Google "clean dust from heatsink" for more info. Then put it all back together again and power up and see if that improves things.


Dec 20, 2010
Do what Diddly says. First thing to assume is clogged cooling fins, especially on an older rig.

My old X2-6000 ran at just under 50 degrees at full load (about 30 degrees idle), and this was with a good Akasa fan but not in a particularly well vented case. I imagine your mobo bios may be set to automatically shut down at 70 degrees or thereabouts, I always set mine to 65.