Question PC shuts down, but power LED is still on


May 11, 2013

I have been experiencing an odd issue. Several times in the last month or so, the PC shuts down seemingly at random, but the power LED is still on. I have to do a soft reboot to resume use of the PC. Google says it is a power options issue. I am guessing it could be a symptom rather than a cause. I am not sure how to go about testing the PSU under load, because I am not sure if I have a sufficient power supply to all of these PC components. I am not sure if there's an issue with the hardware, or even my power strip. Maybe it is the power going to my house. Could it be a thermal issue?

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you.

i7 1200kf/prime z690-a
MSI rtx 3080
evga supernova 1000 g5

I am not using a UPS, etc.


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer. Either one or both may be capturing some error code, warning, or informational event when the PC shuts down.

Start with Reliability History. Much more user friendly and the timeline format may prove revealing.

What you can do:

Power down, unplug, open the case.

Clean out dust and debris.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, and jumpers are fully and firmly in place.

Look for any signs of damage: bare conductor showing, burned or browned areas, kinked or pinched wires, loose components, cracks, etc..

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PSU testing. FYI:

Not a full test because the PSU is not under load. However, any voltages out of tolerance make the PSU suspect.

And if you do not have a multi-meter and/or not comfortable with using the multi-meter then find someone knowledgeable who can help.
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