Question PC shuts down, fans still running and power led keeps blinking


Aug 29, 2017
2 days ago I decided to install my m.2 ssd that I got without a screw ( because some people said you can do it, it will just fall out eventually) , and the moment i turned on my PC I got a "CPU Fan Error" and my cpu fan was not detected on BIOS ever since, although it runs fine and my cpu never got to abnormal temperatures. PC runs normally, but when I try to shut it down it enters a sleep-like mode, idk what it is because I have secure and fast boot both disabled as many people say I should do. It is seemingly shut down but the fans are still running and power led blinks once every second or so, it's a steady blinking pattern. I tried reading my mobo manual but I found nothing about the patterns lol. Any help would be appreciated.

My PC doesn't shut down randomly or while using gpu intensive software.
My PSU is fairly cheap but it handled my system flawlessly ,up until 2 days ago.


Jan 10, 2021
Hmm, usually the Motherboard comes with the screws not the NVME's. Though occasionally some brands will put one with the NVME.

1. Is it possible that you bumped the CPU fan by accident? Go ahead and unplug and plug the CPU fan back in, just in case.

2. You could also do a BIOS Reset. Here's an article on the multiple ways to do so. Granted i would do this last after exhausting all other avenues.

3. You could do the poor mans NVME replacement screw. I tiny piece of electrical tape lol. See if that does anything. If not that, remove the NVME first and see if your system boots up correctly.

Anyways this isn't something i know alot of about, but i figured i'd throw in what little advice i can give.