Question PC shuts down suddenly, only when playing BF5 and Mordhau. ¿What happens?

Oct 9, 2020
Hi guys, i dont want to bother you here, but probably you can help me a little with this problem i have.
Time ago, while playing BF5, or Mordhau, mi PC starts to shut down suddenly and with no alerts at all.
Dont crash, or blue screen, or anything, just shut down and i need to switch the PSU and wait maybe 10 seconds to start it again.
Sometimes this occur in the first 5 minutes of playing, sometimes past first hour, and sometimes just dont.
Temps and voltages are fine, ive saw that with some programs, even do stress test for hours and everything go fine.
Ive installed all lastest drivers, and everything seems to be ok in software terms.
My english is bad, maybe, so im sorry for that.
I think you can understand me well :D
Thank you guys, any help is good for me.

PSU: Evga 600w 80+
CPU: Ryzen 5 1400
GPU: Rx 570 8gb Asrock
RAM: 2x8gb Ballistix 2666mhz
MOBO: Asus B350M-A
HDD: Toshiba 1tb 7200rpm
SSD: WD Blue 1tb M2

If u want or need to know everything more about this just tell me.
Thank you guys, again.
Good luck!
Oct 9, 2020
Thank you a lot guys, really.
I need to add that ive played games like WZ, GTA 5, WOT, and a lot of other games in high-ultra for hours and that didnt happen, so i really dont know if it happens because of hardware or software, or maybe both :D.
Thank you again, be happy!