Question PC shuts down when gaming

Jan 30, 2021
So I got a new build from Cyberpower and it works well. 5900x, 3090. I mine with it and it will mine and stay on for hours and days without problem. However, when gaming (cyberpunk and Star Wars Fallen Order) I get a complete system power off randomly. The temps seem fine with this happens. Everything powers off but sometimes the RAM led stay on. Won't turn back on until I reset the psu. Also I think I do hear a high pitched squeel coming from the psu. It's a brand new corsair RM850. Does this sound like it could be a bad psu?
Hey there,

Yes, it does sound like the PSU. This seems to be a problem for a lot of PSU's dealing with the insane power spikes of the 3090. I've seen threads that say the RM850 solved their issues with restarts at GPU load.

Some users have tried to undervolt the GPU, which seems to help some. Have you tried that?

I guess the PSU could be failing, but I'd doubt it. Have you another GPU around that you could swap out to test, and see if the shutdowns still happen?