Question PC Shuts Down when playing games at above 100% Render Resolution with a RTX 3090

Mar 27, 2021
For a few days now my PC has started to hard shutdown (as if power plug is pulled) after 10-15 minutes if i play any game above 100% resolution scale. Its that type of shutdown where you have to pull the power plug for a moment before the PC will turn on again.

As long as i remain in the games menu (in this example Hitman2,3, CoD Warzone, Squad) it won't crash, but when i join into a server or match after about 10 to 15 minutes i will get a shutdown.
I can also force this by first joining a server/match/etc and then, while the game is actually rendered, changing the Resolution Scale above 100%. Doesnt matter if its 150 or 200, if i do it while ingame it will immediately shut off my PC.

I play natively at 2560x1440 on a 144hz 2560x1440 Monitor. So Render Resolutions of, say 3840x2160, will cause a hard shutdown.

This does not happen under any other circumstances. I can easily max out the GPU and CPU to 100% for hours (Blender Cycles rendering) and the system is just fine.

  • PNY RTX 3090 stock no OC / connected with 2 -8pins splitted from one output on the PSU, 360w max GPU power draw under heavy performance
  • Ryzen CPU 5900X OC@4770mhz / 140w max power draw
  • MAG B550 Tomahawk (MS-7C91) Motherboard Newest Bios Flashed
  • Corsair 32GB Ram, OC@3200mhz 1.4volt and stable under memtest and various benchmarks.
  • 750w beQuiet PSU, ~3 years old
  • 5 case fans
  • m2. nVME SSD x2
  • 2 Monitors, both connected via Display Port

GPU - Max 75° Degrees Celsius
CPU - Max 78-80° Degrees Celsius

All windows updates are installed and this is a ~3 days old Windows Installation.
I tried a vast array of different benchmarking tools including memtest and all those run flawless for hours and even give good scores.

What could be causing this? Not enough power for the GPU? Even though Blender rendering works?


How are you measuring power draw? 5900 can easily use 230w all core;

Transient spikes, 3090 can spike to 550w according to Seasonic;

+ Drives, ram, motherboard adding an additional 50w say, in all, power usage can exceed 750w.

Look for posts regarding psu for 5900 + rtx 3090. 850w minimum.
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Mar 27, 2021
Power is measured using HWMonitor

Probably going to get a PSU anyways, altho it seems like that 1000w ones are sold out everywhere


Jan 23, 2021
What model be quiet psu exactly.

connected with 2 -8pins splitted from one output on the PSU, 360w max GPU power draw under heavy performance
You have to connect with 2 separate cables and if the psu has multirail 12v (what I think it has) you have to connect it to 2 separate rails.
Straight Power 11 750w for example has 2 rails for gpu with 24A/288w each. When je pull 30A /360w out of one rail the OCP on that rail trips.
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