Question PC shuts down when playing games


Oct 23, 2017

Recently I have problem when playing video games. After 10-20 minutes the sound stops, the screen goes black and I hear buzzing from the speakers, after a couple of seconds the monitor says no signal, but the pc is still on. Sometimes it starts to reboot, but sometimes its not happening.

I have tried to measure the temperature of the CPU and GPU and its not going over 70 Celsius.
I have updated my GPU's driver, it didn't help.

My specs:
Amd fx6350
nvidia gtx750ti
8gb ddr3 1600mhz
500 W supply
2 monitors (i read somewhere this can couse a similar problem, and I have tried to use only one)

Thanks in advance,



This is the psu, i was wrong in the original post, it is not 500W but 600W,

nBase N600 V2.2 600W
Oof, that is not promising. I doubt it's even really a 500W power supply as that has junk-tier written all over it; due to the unfortunate supply situation for computer components once you go east from Austria, a PSU that can safely handle even 500W will cost a lot more than the $25 equivalent this one goes for.

Looking at what I can find for the spec chart (blurry and upside down), it's at best a 400-something W PSU. Generic power supplies mislead with their total wattage because they get it with +5V and +3.3V rails, which haven't been relevant for power-hungry components since the Pentium 4 came out (about 20 years ago). And they also stick in the cheapest capacitors and most cutrate design a factory in China will find for them. PC components are very sensitive and powering one safely has a lot of challenges, none of which are adequately met by a generic PSU.

Full shutdowns at load tend to be temperature or power supply. If the temperatures aren't a problem, the next lightly culprit is the power supply.

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