Question Pc shuts down while heavy gaming/ Streaming, Thermaltake 750W Gold PSU

Harry helpless

Jun 3, 2017
i7-8700K - H80iV2 Cooler
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz hyper X Predator ram ( planning on upgrading to 32) any recommendations if I should keep those for a second pc or stick with 3200?
nvme intel 1TB Main disk.
MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS motherboard
EVGA RTX 2080 Ti
Thermaltake 750W gold - used to have a Coolermaster masterwatt 750 40$ before, was working like A charm until I sold it.i wanted something better
Whenever I try to stream While running DeadByDaylight, my pc is going to shut down, and after 2 seconds reboot.I have spent some time searching the forums etc, I have currently my PSU sent for maintenance.I see kernel Power 41 on event log.I tried formatting But still the same.I need a PSU able to withstand heavy Overclocks on cpu ram and GPU, if possible cheap, 100-130€?
if the PSU was faulty I will get a refund, if not I will have it shipped back probably, any ideas of what I should do with it just in case? What PSU would fit such a system? I heard that the Amps and volts aren’t enough for the current system... And about Ram, should I upgrade to 32 with the current model or get another set of 16 with higher frequencies and upgrade from then on?