Question PC shuts down while playing BF 2042

Shouvik Ghosh

Sep 26, 2014
We had electricity issues recently in our block and faced multiple power cuts in a day. After that my PC is acting up. Whenever I play Battlefield 2042, PC completely shuts down like some one witched off the power all on a sudden. I checked the temp of CPU and GPU, they did not reach any alarming level. I stress tested them separately at 100% usage for 10 mins each, CPU did not shut down. My wife works multiple hours in Microsoft word, no problem. But, only when I play Battlefield 2042 PC shuts down.

While the PC shuts down only the power button in CPU casing and a red led strip below the motherboard stays on. If I click on the power or resent button it would not start the PC. I have to power off my UPS and wait 10-20 mins before I can turn on my PC again.

What could be the problem?

  • GPU ram temperature throttling? I have 3080, ram gets extremely hot during gaming (gets past 98 degree Celsius). But this is not new, I am using 3080 for more than an year now.
  • PSU problem due to the power cut? But during stress test and low power usage the problem did not occur.
  • Problem with BF 2042? My friends are not facing this problem
  • Windows causing problem due to forced shut downs during power cut?
My spec:

Gigabyte 3080 Vision OC (Not overclocked)
Samsung 970 EVO pro 1 TB
Toshiba Sata 2 TB
Cooler Master AIO
5600x (Not overclocked)
Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus
Team elite 8gb 2400mhz ddr4 ram x4
Cooler Master 750 MWE Gold V2

Please help me.

Deleted member 362816

Power spikes common in certain games not so much in benchmarks like 3d mark etc. Power supply must have degraded some. I would recommend a 850 watt unit anyway for a 3080.