Question Pc shuts down while playing games


Apr 4, 2021
Greetings! I hope someone has a good idea to fix my laptop, please help :)
I have an asus rog gl503vm notebook, specs:
Gtx 1060Mobile 6gb
16gb ddr4 RAM
It isn't overclocked.
Roughly 2 months ago it started to shut down instantly during gameplay. I've run different benchmark tests, like cinebench, heaven benchmark ultra graphics in 2560x1440
resolution, and it didnt stop, i had fixed 30fps. But when i play games like csgo, gta 5, destiny 2 it stops Destiny 2 doesn't even load in. Strangly, it doesnt stop usually in pubg with ultra graphics, but sometimes pubg can't even load in before my pc shuts down.
Cinebench works fine also. I replaced my ram into another slot, updated the drivers with driver easy, and i cleaned it, the bios and the os is updated, the battery is not connected, fast system startup is off, and it even stops with a different charger. The notebook never goes above 70 Celsius, so it is not overheating. Reinstalling windows 10 didn't work.
If you have any idea it would be useful!
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The battery is not connected? That’s probably the problem. The power supplies on laptops are often not sufficient to deliver the small peaks of power that occur when gaming and rely on the battery to provide sufficient power to cover those peaks.


Given the parts, I'm guessing the laptops a few years old. It's possible the battery is starting to degrade and can't supply the power it used to.

Check the software suite that came with the laptop, there might be a battery test that can give you a firm answer on that.