Question PC Shuts off and Reboots

Mar 4, 2021
My pc has been occasionally doing this(Mostly when I played graphic intensive games, but it even occurred while playing overwatch), but it wasn't a huge problem until today. So, today I got Valheim, and this game triggers it almost every time I try to boot it. I only could play it one time, and temps and usage percentages seemed fine. I think the problem is the psu, but the reboot thing confuses me. It just shuts off and reboots, and I observed that the power never goes off, because my phone keeps charging. Also, there is a button on my pc case that serves the exact same purpose.

System Specs:
CPU: i7 6700
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Tomahawk
Ram: 16 gb
SSD/HDD: 256gb SSD/ 1tb HDD
GPU: Zotac 980ti Amp Extreme
PSU: Xigmatek Vector80 750W
OS: Windows 10 Home

Edit: Project Cars also triggers it.
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