Question PC shuts off while gaming

Dec 15, 2019
Hey, so I recently changed my mobo and CPU and afterwards I have been having these issues.

What happens is that my PC shuts off completely after a little while of playing a graphically intense game, like the crew. It's just shuts off like someone pulled the plug right out of that wall and then it boots up again like nothing happened. Now this happens almost without fail Everytime I play either the crew or dauntless. More light weight games like Minecraft seem to be able to run without a problem.

My specs are 16 GB ram, i7 3770, rx 570, 500 W Antec PSU and a gigabyte b75m-dh3.

And honestly I'm lost. I feel like I have tried everything to fix this. It's not an overheating issue because CPU temps never go above 60 C and GPU is at most around 73-73 C. I have reset the cooler and the ram and the GPU, did a reinstall of windows after I change mobo and changed the PSU plug to go straight into the wall socket instead of a power strip.

Thanks in advance for any help that I can get!


Reliability History and Event Viewer may provide some help if the problem is software related. Look for error codes and warnings that occur just before or at the time of the shut offs.

After that:

How old is theAntec 500 watt PSU?

Was/is the PSU new, refurbished, or taken from another computer?

Overall, 500 watts may not be enough to meet system's power demands. Especially if the PSU is older and/or been heavily used.