Question PC shutting down/restarting randomly

Oct 29, 2020
I built my pc 2 months ago, and it's been working great until 2 days ago, when it started shutting down randomly, even when I'm sitting idle in a Discord call. No shutting down screen, just goes to black. When I turned it back on it would go back to normal. Starting today, it would restart, instead of shutting down. It restarts whenever I try launching a game or just completely out of nowhere. Ever since it started restarting, it's been slower as well, apps like Photoshop now run with lag as opposed to no lag in the past, and all audio is crackly and distorted. All the parts are new too, so I'm really hoping that they aren't the issue.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
PSU: Corsair CX-M Series CX450M 450 Watt 80 PLUS
Any help is appreciated, I'm at a loss :(
Normally when a system restart or shutdown the main causes are these.

  • Overheating
  • Dying PSU
What are your CPU and GPU temperatures at IDLE and LOAD?

That CX450 Watts is really the minimum model I would recommend.

Is the color of the "CX" lettering on the PSU green or black on white font?
Sorry, I'm new to this, what is the best way to check my CPU and GPU temperatures?
The colour of the CX is black on white.
To check your CPU and GPU temperature you can install CPUID HWMONITOR -

Start HWMONITOR after it's installed and find the GPU and CPU temperature. Look at "temperature package MIN AND MAX value" for the CPU and the GPU should be "Temperature GPU" close to the bottom of that list.
My CPU's temperatures are 47°C (min) and 59°C (max). GPU is 31°C min and max
Random restarts generally point to a power supply issue but problems running programs may be a memory issue. What is the exact memory kit you're using? Did you verify the memory was compatible with the CPU/motherboard? Have you checked bios to see what speed the memory is running at?