Question PC shutting down when gaming ?


Oct 30, 2018
I just got a 1440p monitor with a 1080p monitor as a secondary on the side and ever since, my computer has been shutting down while playing games.. my temps are all good with my 7900 XT sitting around 80c hot spot and 13600k sitting around 50-52c while in game. All my drivers are up to date.
Maybe my voltages are wrong and need to be adjusted? I don’t know how to troubleshoot this..

GPU: 7900 XT
PSU: Corsair RM850x


Mar 2, 2023
Did the problem start when you switched from the 1080p monitor to the 1440p? In theory all this does is to make the GPU work a little harder at the higher resolution.

Do you have a driver loaded for the 1440p monitor in Device Manager, under Monitors, or does it show a Generic Monitor?

If I'm reading the graphs below correctly, the 7900 XT pulls up to 340W in gaming and the 13600K up to 105W so you should be fine with the RM850X PSU.

Your CPU and GPU temperatures look fine, but it might be helpful if we had more information about the rest of your system, especially the motherboard and RAM. The 13600K shouldn't strain the VRMs on most motherboards, unlike the 13900K.

Are you running an XMP overclock on your system RAM? If so, temporarily disable XMP and drop back to the slower default JEDEC memory speeds. Play the game or run a stress test and see if the system still hangs.

If you're running 4 DIMMs instead of 2 DIMMs, the system may be less stable, especially at high XMP speeds.

I would not start playing with voltages at this point.