Question Pc shutting down

Nov 27, 2018
OK so its been 2 weeks i started facing this problem. I can browse enitre day, watch youtube videos or keep the pc idle it wont heat up or shutdown. But as soon as i start any game like dota or fortnite or apex legends literally like 5 mins into it it crashes like it just shuts down. when i start it again its all fine i dont get any error message nothing. i can definetly say that the temp are the same as i use to play earlier, i could sit all day long without crashing but now i cant. also i live in india so its pretty much hot in here and never faced any problem so i dont have any clue at all.
Also i cleaned the pc thinking dust was the problem but no luck.
Spec:amd fx6300
zotac gtx 1060
Psu cooler master 500 watts
all ram chips are working fine
fans do their job

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