Question PC shutting off at random intervals please help !!!!!!


Aug 19, 2018
So problem began 5 months ago Pc started turning off at random intervals.. from 1 time per day .. to Every 20 mins...
After some days i tried turning on my pc at my friends house and it worked there with no issue at all.. same happened at the repair shop . So he said your PC is fine. So i checked For earthing in my house that was also fine...
After some days my pc was just dead. Then took it to repair shop and he said motherboard was burned... After replacing it computer was smooth till 1.5 months... Until yesterday it crashed again

Now this problem occurs around 1 time per 3 hours.. Now yesterday i started turning on my pc and it turns on for 5 sec and boom off ..
For some reason when i pull out plug from psu ... And reinsert it the pc turns on but still same prblm.. please help i can't seem to get the problem solved .

Pc specs -
Ryzen 5 1600
Gtx 1060 6gb zotac single fan
Psu antec 450 bp
8gb Ram
1tb hdd
Motherboard asus prime a320k

Things i have tried

Checked for earthing
Changed motherboard
Cleaning pc

Note- Psu and every other components are 3 years old except motherboard.


In most cases, wattage isn't the issue, QUALITY is. Problem is there aren't many decent quality PSUs under 500W and with the component shortages from the last year, most decent PSUs have become shockingly expensive relative to what they used to cost two years ago.