Question Pc slow after installing new GPU


Jan 30, 2017
Hello there everyone, so recently I ordered a zotac GTX 1050ti OC edition graphics card from amazon. The thing is, before this I had GT 610 2gb installed in my PC and everything was fine. Even GeForce 6600 and 9800GT were fine. Recently got the GTX 1050ti OC edition, installed it onto the PCI express slot on my motherboard, and now the pc takes 5 minutes to just get past the BIOS screen. When it boots up to windows, CPU usage is at 100%, I also have windows installed to my SSD but when the GTX 1050ti is installed, the SSD is as slow as an HDD and everything is way slower than before.

My PC specs:-
Intel core 2 Quad Q9550
2x2gb DDR2 Corsair 800mhz each slot RAM
Kingston 120gb SSD
2tb Seagate SATA HDD
Cooler master 600W PSU
Intel DG31PR motherboard

Also, I have a suspicion that the GPU is making things slow since it's the OC edition and my motherboard is intel which doesn't support OC and doesn't have any BIOS updates left.

I saw people on youtube updating the BIOS to FIX this exact same problem and it works for them, only thing is, they have different motherboards from gigabyte, MSI.etc whereas mine is from INTEL which stopped supporting my mobo really early as they suck and don't care.

So, will a non OC 1050ti make everything fine on my PC? Or should I just change motherboard to like a gigabyte G41MT S2?

Thanks for your help in advance! And sorry for the long thread. :p