Question Pc sometimes getting post sometimes doesn't

Nov 28, 2021
Hello I've got and old system with an
I7 3770
Asus p8z77-v pro
8gb ram 1600Mhz(2 modules )
Asus 1060 Rog strix
PSU Corsair rm1000x
So when I open my pc I get CPU and ram led flashing non stop and it will not post. After trying updating bios and taking out CMOS battery I tried to boot without the ram modules, then I would only get a permanent ram led on. I figured modules may be bad cause CPU led wasn't on when I booted without the rams. I used different rams and sometimes it would boot and sometimes it wouldn't. Also it worked if only I had one module at slot A2 and if i added another one or moved the first one to the other slots it wouldn't post. Funny part is that if I close the PSU power and a monitor is connected to the Gpu CPU led turns red.
Hint: PSU is working fine and the motherboard is refurbished.
Any ideas what I could do next( instead of buying a ryzen 5 5600x ).
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