Question PC speakers that won’t take up too much desk space?


USB powered speakers will be bad, much worse than what you have. They are better than something like most laptop speakers but worse than normal powered ones. Logitech Z313 may be good to check out on the cheaper side.
One idea, get a monitor bracket similar to this one for $13, and you can put the control box on your monitor and only have the speakers on the sides​
or - get the 2 pack for $25 and put your speakers on your monitor, and just have the control box where you like​
more alternatives:​
- put the speakers behind the monitor, on their side so the monitor does not block the sound as much​
- get or build a shelf to put under the monitor, and put the speakers underneath the shelf (so the monitor is sitting on top of the speakers)​
- get a shelf or shelves to mount on the wall behind your desk, and put the speakers on the shelf and off your desk​
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