Question PC Specialist - What are their laptops like?


Oct 29, 2017
I've got to the stage where I want to get rid of my HP Pavilion gaming laptop. It works brilliantly, but the trackpad and keyboard are so poor that they outweigh the good performance from a user experience perspective.

I'm not a hardcore gamer but one or two of the games I enjoy are simulators which do require a decent GPU to be able to enjoy it at decent settings.

My budget is probably up to about £900, ex-VAT. My current laptop is an i7-7 with 8GB RAM and a GTX950 and a 500GB SSD

By custom-speccing on PC Specialist, I can get the following spec, which would be way more than adequate for my needs and gives me a bit of breathing room:
Intel i7-10750 6 core 2.6GHz (5GHz turbo)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660Ti 6.0GB GDDR6
128GB M.2 SSD (for OS)
1TB 2.5" SSD
15" 144Hz 45% NTSC (19201080)*

*I understand 45% NTSC isn't amazing but I can only better this by jumping up to a 17" laptop which would mean a slightly lower spec for similar money

Or for about £100 less I could get similar spec but with a GTX1650 4GB GDDR5 instead.

My questions are:
  1. What are PC Specialist laptops actually like - are the case, hinges, keyboard, trackpad etc decent quality?
  2. If I buy without an operating system, will I have issues getting all the right drivers?
  3. Can I do better? e.g. better spec or same spec but better build quality for around the same price? I haven't seen any other custom spec companies who can match that price.
Thanks in advance!