Question PC started randomly restarting


Mar 18, 2012
In the last few days my PC has been turning itself off and then rebooting. Any ideas as to why?
  • It seems to occur completely randomly, although the rate of it happening has increased since it started. Currently it seems to be at around 1 reboot/hour.
  • It just shuts down and immediately boots back up as if nothing had happened. Kinda like if the power had gone out for a split second. There's no freezing or anything similar.
  • This has happened while the PC was completely idle (AFK), under heavy use (games) and inbetween those.
  • There's nothing unusual in the event log. I get an ID 41 because of the unclean shutdown, but there are no other errors or warnings at all. Also, I've started monitoring temperatures and everything seems normal. Ran malware scanners, nothing.
  • The PC isn't even one year old and I've gotten no similar issues until this week. I haven't really modified either the hardware or software recently, these issues started seemingly out of the blue. Haven't even touched the case to be honest.
  • Updated the BIOS and drivers after this started happening, nothing changed. Reseated the exterior cables, same.
  • First guess would be a PSU issue, but again, it's pretty new and supposedly more than enough to handle this PC.
  • I ran OCCT just now and got these results but I'm not too familiar with that software, not sure if there's anything unusual. Also here are some User Benchmark results.
Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 2060
CX650w PSU
Windows 10

I'm spending a lot of time on the PC lately for both work and leisure so this is extremely inconvenient. Thanks in advance.