Pc started restarting whenever i played graphical intensive games after i upgraded my gpu

Nov 23, 2018
About 2 months ago i bought an EVGA 600 B1, 80+ BRONZE 600W psu and it was running perfectly nothing was going wrong. About a couple of days ago i upgraded my gpu from a gtx 1050ti 4gb to a SAPPHIRE NITRO+ radeon rx 570 8gb and installed it into my computer with the drivers and everything even updated my bios. Now my pc runs significantly slower on startup and whenever i try to play any games that require a lot of power and my gpu starts using more of its power my computer just suddenly restarts after i'm about 10-15mins into the game. I've had this problem before and the issue was that my psu didn't have enough wattage which was the reason i upgraded to the EVEGA 600 B1 so i was wondering if this is the reason for it as well. My screen just goes black and the volume cuts out then my pc just restarts completely. I have tried using different drivers as well for my gpu and also i don't think its because of overheating as i have tried locking the fps and using power saver mode.

cpu: Amd fx-8350
gpu: SAPPHIRE NITRO+ radeon rx 570 8gb
ram: 16gb ddr3 (2x8)
motherboard: amd 760gm-p23(fx)

thank you for your help.